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About the exhibition
The 18th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2020


October 13-15, 2020

Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China

Approval unit:




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Hereby thank: Chinese Auto Engineering Society, Chinese automobile industry Association, Chinese automobile circulation Association Spare Parts Professional Committee, Chinese Automobile Technology Research Center, Chinese Mechanical and Electrical Products Chamber of Import and Export Trade, All China Auto Goods Trade Association, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Auto and Motor Parts goods Chamber of Commerce, Chinese  Automobile Service Professional Associations Automobile Decoration Working Committee, Guangzhou city Auto Spare Parts Professional Associations, Guangzhou Baiyun Auto spare parts Chamber of Commerce, Foshan City Nanhai region automobile industry Association, Guangzhou City Liyuan square Auto goods spare parts City, Guangzhou Yiyun International automobile article square, Guangzhou Shengda International automobile article City, Guagzhou auto industry group, Shanghai auto industry group, Chinese first auto group, Tianjin auto industry group, Hubei dongfeng auto group, Fujian auto industry group, Shanxi auto group.

●  Authoritative organizing institute – This exhibition is a state-level international trade exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce according to the principle of “professionalization, internationalization and brand”. Sponsored by Enterprise Association of China for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Society of Automotive Engineering of China, co-sponsored by many domestic and overseas units, it gets government support while it has sector authoritative personnel to participate. During the exhibition, high officials from the Ministry of Commerce, provincial and municipal governments will attend the opening ceremony, cut the ribbon and visit the exhibition.

●  Large procurement teams – The organizing committee will invite delegations from the following companies, plants and institutions to purchase parts at the exhibition: Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, No.1 Auto Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, Zhenzhou Nissan, Japan Hino, Isuzu, Japan Mazda, Hyundai, French Renault, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, BWM, Daimler Chrysler, Peugeot Citroen, Geely, Chery, Xiali, Fengshen, China, BYD, Fiat, KIA, Pamri, Fudi, Foton,Great Wall, Zxauto, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motorco.,Ltd, Iveco, SG Automotive Group, Changling, JMC, JAC, Ankai, Changan, Torch, Haima, Mudan, Sanshan, Shenglong, Yuejin, Soueast, Huali, Sma, Changfeng, Wangfeng, Tamc, JCL, Kinglong, Jingbei, Suzuki, Tianma, Heibao, Hafei, Chunlan, Baolong, China Heavy-duty, Anhuan, Sanxiang Yaxing, BENZ, which are respectively from countries and regions such as China, the US, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spanish, Russia, Sweden, Czech, Hungary, Middle East, Japan, ROK, India, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

●  High-end forum – The organizing committee sincerely invites domestic and overseas authoritative specialists in auto sector to discuss the latest status, development trend, division pattern, related countermeasures of the domestic and overseas auto manufacture industry. It shall give deep reports on current development situation and problems of China’s auto manufacture industry and lectures on product development and technical renovation. We shall arrange enterprises with favorable influences in international auto manufacture industrial field to introduce enterprises’ products and the latest technical trend. It plans to invite high ranking governmental officials, related specialists, scholars, representatives of well-known international institutions, well-known auto product suppliers, purchasers, representatives of China’s auto manufacture industry and post market enterprises, and other professional visitors to attend the exhibition. Sector guidance and authority are anticipated. It will serve as a weathervane of the development, international exchange and cooperation of China’s auto industry. It will be an optimum platform to obtain the latest information on auto manufacture industry and master international market opportunities.

※ Looking Back into the Last Exhibition
With great support both from domestic and overseas exhibitors, concern from visitors and media, “The 17th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2019” was solemnly held in October, 2020 at Guangzhou.

The exhibition gained high appraisal from the exhibitors and visitors, who thought that the exhibition obtained a big success both on visitor scale and organizational management. 96% of overseas professional visitors expressed expectation for sponsoring of next exhibition; 82%of overseas professional visitors expressed deep interests in China’s auto parts. More than 91% exhibitors thought that the exhibition result exceeded the anticipated result; they were quite satisfied with visitors’ quality and number, and planned to participate in the next exhibition. Many enterprises at the exhibition received site orders and gained interests on the spot. Some enterprises said: “this exhibition really plays its role as a trade platform, makes us have more new customers, and further expands international market”.

At the request of the exhibitors, the “The 18th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material  Expo 2020” (CIAME 2020 will be solemnly held on October 13-15, 2020 at Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Guangzhou, China. In accordance with current development situation of Auto manufacturing industry and domestic and overseas market demands, and on the basis of carrying forward the successful factors of the last exhibition and absorbing precious comments of the exhibitors, the organizing committee of china ame 2020 will continue as usual to provide a high quality internationalized trade platform for all exhibitors to expand businesses, carry out technical exchanges, display new products and seek cooperation partners, and offer more cooperating opportunities to global Auto manufacturing and post market industry.

※ Exhibition Introduction
The current automobile holdings in China have reached over 250 million. It is estimated in 2020, China automobile holdings will exceed 260 million. It is expected China automobile annual sales will exceed 40 million vehicles in 2019 and the automobile production and sales will exceed 45 million vehicles in 2020, thus becoming the world first automobile market worthy of the name.In amidst of vehicle consumption market, after-sales service and maintenance segment is known as an important part, this segment is building up solid industry base and considerable market support attributable to home vehicle industry under booming growth and shall whereby become a hyper market that produces 1500-2000 bn scale. Huge potential auto consumer market promotes the fast development of the auto manufacture industry. Auto materials and equipments are closely related with auto manufacture costs and performance. Fine quality auto materials and up-to-date auto manufacture equipments are an important foundation for technical renovation of the auto industry while they have important affect on upgrade of the auto performance. At present, main technologies of auto industry are stepping into a new type-change period and development of auto technologies has higher demand for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments. Energy and environmental issues force automobiles to develop toward the direction of lightness, intelligence, energy-saving and environmental protection. Increase of living standard requires automobiles safer and more comfortable. All those set forth new requirements for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments.

Guangzhou is located at the center of the Pan-Pearl River Delta economic circle. It is adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, radiates the Southeast Asia and enjoys quite accessible sea, land and air communications, wide radiant market area and developed economy. With operation of Toyota, Nissan and Honda at Guangzhou, several large auto production and parts producing bases have formed respectively in Nansha, Huadu and Zengcheng. A Guangzhou auto industry group featured by Japanese-funded auto products is growing up rapidly. Furthermore, No.2 Guangzhou Honda Plant and Dopngfeng passenger company have been successively put into operation and expanded; projects of ROK Hyundai, French Renault and Japan Hino have started construction, so a new auto industry pattern with car as the dragonhead has taken its shape at Guangzhou. Guangzhou has become China’s second largest car producing base and auto industry has been listed as one of Guangzhou’s pillar industries to support future economic development. It has formed a development pattern characterized by three big categories-passenger vehicles, MPVs and trailers, sub-categories-cars, coaches, trucks and special purpose vehicles, and with light-duty and small vehicle as main body and cars as guiding force. Guangzhou’s auto parts industry will promote with each other together with completed car industry, and enjoy joint development. Investment of auto manufacturers in construction of plants has resulted in a hot tide of investments made by Japanese auto parts suppliers, with Guangzhou as the center and radiating the surrounding Foshan, Zhngshan and Dongguan. Auto parts market scale keeps expanding. In order to lower the cost, international auto giants come to invest in construction of plants, so Guangzhou’s auto industry has entered a new period of fast development, thus providing a solid industrial foundation and strong market support for auto materials and auto manufacture equipments.

“The 18th Guangzhou International Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material Expo 2020”, relying on auto industry and globe’s largest potential market resources, will fully display up-to-date technologies and products of all chains of auto manufacture industry. The exhibition involves in 4 major auto manufacture technologies and sectors engaged in parts shaping and processing equipments, new auto materials, auto moulds, engine manufacture, auto coating and industrial oils. We sincerely invite global well-known auto manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, auto material producers and auto manufacture equipment suppliers to gather at Guangzhou to enjoy success, which will greatly promote full development of China’s auto manufacture industry.

※ Scope of Exhibits
Machining Engineering, Parts Cleaning Engineering, Quality Control and Testing, Laser Engineering, Car Body Joining Engineering (Welding, Riveting, Gluing), Welding Engineering, Painting Engineering, Stamping Engineering, Factory Cleaning Engineering, Assembly Engineering, Aluminum Engineering, Carboform Engineering, Automotive Design, Trial Production, Development, Testing, Synchronous Engineering, Battery, Motor, Electronic Control Engineering, IoT, Automotive Development, Materials & Lightweight Technology, Assembly System Integration, Robotics System Integration, EV Engineering, Assembly Technology, Driving Technology, Joining Technology, Handling Technology, Monitoring and Testing Technology, Machine Vision, Software and Services, Smart Logistics, Powertrain Assembly Engineering, Labor Protection, Autopilot, Machine Vision, AR and VR Automotive Applications, Future Smart Factory Demonstration Project, Total Solution for Factory Control System, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Systems, etc.
Exhibition Fee
●  Standard Booth (charge 10℅ of the location fee of the exhibition in the exhibition location of two-sided opening)
Booth categories Standard booth Space only
Domestic enterprise CNY 12900/one CNY 1290/m²
Oversea enterprise USD 3500/one USD 350/m²
Remarks: Space only 36m² is the least for letting, cost of construction management: CNY 28/m²;standard booth disposes materials including partition wall on three sides; one desk, two chairs; stand cleaning; basic lighting (2 lamps), and one 13 amp power point(5A/220V) .
●  Journal AD(The proceedings are printed with the colored art paper precisely, its size: 130mm×210mm)。

Front cover: CNY 30000 Inside front cover and inside back cover: CNY 12000
Title page: CNY 10000 Black and white page: CNY 3000
Back cover: CNY 20000 color trans page : CNY 15000
color page: CNY 6000 500 simple words: CNY 2000
●  Other advertising

Arched door: CNY 20000/one balloon: CNY 5000/one
entrance ticket: CNY 20000/10000 pieces invitation card: CNY 20000/50000
handbag: CNY 20000/2000 lady serving at ceremony: CNY 500/person/day
●  Technology exchanging and Product technology briefing conference:
CNY 8000/40 minutes/onemeeting (providing site, light, sound equipment, desk-chair equipment).
●  Registration fee for a conference:
CNY 1000/person(including souvenir, lunch, drink).
●  sponsor
Limited in three sponsors. Detailed references are available on request.(for detailed information, please refer to the index).
Exhibition schedule
Registration and installation of exhibits:October 11-12, 2020
Exhibition time:October 13-15, 2020
Dismantle of exhibits:October 15, 2020
 ※ TaArget Audience
Car manufacture, Car redoing factory, car equipment manufacture, car articles and parts manufacture, trader, agent, dealer, terminal user, Car industry zone, car article and parts market, supermarket, chain store, automobile Maintenance Center, garage, doughnut store, automobile maintenance and beauty centre, automobile performance detecting station, automobile marketplace dealer, car industry elite, automobile service industry, automobile amateur, club, business institutions authority medium , automobile traffic branch, government departartments in charge of car industry, automobile industrial association, professional media etc.

※ Audience organization
CIAME 2020 will be a grand, modern and international trade event relying on mainland, radiating Asian-Pacific area and taking a broad view of the world. The sponsor guarantees that all participants see through effective product introduction and imager show, widen the market and succeed in popularizing based on this professional expo. One of the focuses of the work of CIAME 2020 Organizing Committing is the organizing and inviting of professional audience. The sponsor will introduce the internationally advanced CRM customer relation administrative system, combining government, association, enterprises, media resources and the sponsor’s strong database and through direct posing, fax, visiting, VIP invitation, instant popularization, exhibition previewing, advertising, media, participant invitation and international cooperation and many kinds of channels to invite many professions.

※ Publicity and popularization
CIAME 2020 will create a professional platform for Chinese Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material enterprises to enter international markets.

The CIAME 2020 Organizing Committing, in a integration marketing way, energetically coordinates social resources (manufacturers, traders, dealers, chain organizations, media, experts and scholars, public figures, profession organizations, government department and assistance of foreign counterparts) and sponsor’ s resources (labor, material and financial resources and many years of professional organization and scheme experience. Above all, The CIAME 2020 Organizing Committing will attract attention of media, business and consumer in three-dimensional propaganda tactics and makes every effort to widen the influence of the exhibition and strengthen participation effect.

The CIAME 2020 Organizing Committing will release this exhibition information and advertise in hundreds of news and media, magazines and websites. Under the guidance “mainstream media to consumer, professional media to manufactures” and combining, with large-scale exhibition weight and authority and on the new concept of attention marketing, we will build a most influential exhibition in the world.

Concrete measures include the following:

●  Last but not the least; popularize this exhibition by relying on foreign embassy in China and trading department to introduce it to their Automobile Industry Associations and Institutions and invite them. At the same time, depend on China’s Commercial Counselor's Office to popularize;

●  First, further promote publicity and reports on this exhibition with celebrated media both home and abroad; develop close cooperation with media authority, jointly build Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material industry market expo;

● The sponsor would especially like to extend our sincere invitation to manufactures and all kinds of partners and the latest development and service matters of the expo will be announced in time. The sponsor will make the most of our own platform (website, proceeding and large-scale activities) to release information and show image for exhibitors free of charge;

● Third, send visiting invitation tickets to more than 200,000 professional audiences; send sponsor’s data to 200,000 buyers through e-mails; send fax invitation to over 10000 automobile sale enterprises in the world; send invitation to more than 5000 VIP inside industry;

● The sponsor will make full use of our own advantages to propagate the exhibition with over 1000 large car, Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Material markets and fervently invite them to visit the expo;

● Second, popularize this exhibition at various kinds of car industry one at home and abroad and send a lot of visiting tickets.

※ Cooperative media
● Special field magazine: Huicong business, Jiuzhou flash, black horse advertising, intelligent horse advertising, discovering resource, resource of today, Jinxuan resource, blue bridge information, grand intercalary business conditions, new Benteng message, vehicle ornaments and refitting, the Chinese car parts business newspaper, automobile herald, automobile weekly, vehicle friend newspaper, modern driver newspaper, automobile pilot, car maintenance, automobile maintenance technician, Motor Service, Chinese maintenance equipment, business vehicle, international automobile electron, automobile audio, the automobile wield with safety, commercial automobile, automobile, Urban vehicles, automobile and accessory, Changchun automobile information, Chinese automobile highlights etc.

● Website: Huicong network, Jiuzhou network, Asia automobile articles network, Chinese automobile articles network, China automobile articles network, Chinese automobile articles business conditions network, Chinese automobile decoration articles network, Chinese automobile articles online net, brand-new automobile articles network ,Yong Fu road automobile articles network , Anhui automobile articles network , the whole world automobile parts network, the Chinese automobile business affairs network , Chinese automobile decoration network , China automobile component and part network , Chinese automobile parts network, general Chinese automobile parts network, Chinese automobile network , China automobile business network, east automobile network, automobile accessory business network, automobile maintenance network, China automobile parts business affairs network, China enterprise net, China vapor match World Wide Web, Tai Zhou vapor country business net, China vapor construct net, vapor be qualified for online, middle vehicle net, automobile electron net, China automobile parts network, China lube network, China filling station network, China automobile yellow page, The guarantor network , Tai Zhou automobile business network , Xu Zhou automobile network , Chinese automobile manufacture network , automobile component and part network , Henan automobile parts network , Chinese automobile air-conditioning network, China automobile repairing network , China automobile talented person network and so on.

● Mass media: People's Daily, south metropolis newspaper, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Shenzhen special zone newspaper, Guangzhou Television station and so on.

※ Expo features
● The CIAME 2020 Organizing Committing succeeds in build a database of buyers at home and abroad. During the expo, enterprises may consult data and information of buyers, after the expo, it may be provided.

● Taking advantage of national professional association’s predominance, the sponsor will have revolutionary consequence for car enterprises and bring you prompt and best attention!

● The sponsor will bring N opportunities for the exhibitor because of strong advertising and effective mass media. The sponsor establishes long-term cooperative relations with authority media!

● CIAME 2020 will be a grand event which is the first choice for buyers to order and trade as a result of participation of many enterprises and assembling of the elite!

※ Participation procedure
● The unit should carefully fill in the “Participating-exhibition application”, the person in charge must sign and seal, and then fax them with business license to committee. Remit the fee in one time (or 50% deposit) to the assigned account number within sever days after registration, then assure the place for exhibition, and pay off the balance before October 1, 2020.

● If the participant wants only to transfer the exhibition stand to other companies without the permission, the sponsor will have the right to revoke his exhibition booth and can’t return participation rate.  Uproot fake, inferior and tort  goods;If the participant’s exhibits do not assort with exhibition requirements, the sponsor will reserve the right of disqualifying and not returning participation rate.

● Place and Adverting are arranged by the subcommittee, distribution principles: “first apply, first pay, first distribute” The assistant unit will be given priority arrangement; the finial right for place adjustment will be reserved by subcommittee. Without the permission, the qualification of exhibition will be withdrawn if the businessman wants only to transfer the exhibiting place, uproot fake and inferior goods.

● After remitting all cost, the participants fax the money order copy to subcommittee for checkout. Bill is open by the subcommittee financial section in the spot or post to according to its request. The fee for exhibition is not returned if resigning in the course. If the exhibition stops caused by some unresisting factors (such as war, nature disaster, epidemic situation, administrative decree). Both sides needn’t adhere to the contract, and ascertain responsibility of the other side’s breaking the contract, but the money of the participants will be returned.

● The Admission Notice and handbook about participating in the exhibition will be posted, sent or e-mailed to all the participants before one month of the exhibition.

Please contact us by telephone to ask for the exhibition application  form and the exhibition booth floor plan.